I have been feeling way better. I have been eating huge amounts of sunflower seeds which were not processed on equipment which wheat was also on. The day before yesterday, I ate sunflower seed kernels which had been on wheat-shared equipment. So, I am pretty sure that wheat, even in microscopic amounts, is very bad for me. Today I felt good all day. I did not sleep during the day. When I eat wheat, I have to sleep multiple times. I am happy today. I am happy just eating sunflower seeds with Kim. Kim was throwing seeds to the birds, which I allowed her to do, instead of getting angry. I only have about 10 dollars left for food for the month. It is June 23, 2016 today. If I can continue to feel well by eating a certain diet, watch: I will accumulated money. Right now, it is easily recognized, that I am not respected--or at least, valued--by people. My Facebook posts get very few likes per video...and it's a VIDEO...it should be liked way more, because posting a video is rare: you can't hide flaws like you can by just posting an image, so people are afraid to post videos. But I guess people (2,300 friends) have seen my flaws (which are many) and don't care to watch. You'll see... that I will ascend to riches. I will create magical videos which you will not be able to not watch. Girls will love me because I will have other good looking girls in my videos. Men will respect me because I will be making money and will teach them how. It will be impossible for me to not get hundreds or thousands of likes per post because I will be providing highly valuable content every time. It's impossible for me to not do this. I am perfectly focused. When I get money, Daddy will be here. You know? When I get paid, I am going to be walking around with hundred dollar bills, saying, Daddy's here! I will accost women, but I will have money and good clothing and a haircut and good shoes. They will respond to me much differently. I will also be jacked due to working out religiously. You are probably annoyed by me saying these things, but I will show you in time. But only if I am healthy. I am extreme and go all-out. I will not have a median income of forty or fifty thousand per year. The reason I want to be rich is because I want to be respected and admired, and I want to attract good women. I have always believed I was capable of being liked and respected and attractive, but I have fallen way short. I never really felt like the "cool guy" or the "cool kid on campus." I always felt there was something wrong with me--which there was (sensitivity to gluten)--and NOW I have control...now I have the ability to actually do it. I have the personality. I am going to have the muscles. I am going to have the clothing. I am going to have the car. I am going to offer a lot of free stuff to attract the people I want into my life. Free rides, free food, free sunflower seeds, etc. I will not be around women who talk to me as though I am a young child. I will not have to be around unhappy people. I will get to do whatever I want. The women will have sex with me on my command. I will get to grab women when I want. This sounds retarded to just talk about...but I will show you. I will get good women who love to make me happy. And you will see it live, how I command them to please me. I will find these women wherever they are in the world.
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Example of 24/7 Continuous Dan Cilley Live Broadcast (Coming Soon...but content will be the view from my computer monitor looking at me and also desktop screencapture. There will be a live chat on the side of the video window. Additional cameras will be added to the feed, and additional people with cameras will take over the feed when they are doing something more interesting and valuable than I am).

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Urgent message:

Please donate to this cause.  I have no money right now almost, for food, for water, for anything.  I have paid my rent for this month.  I only have $35 left in my bank account.  I just had a pretty vivid dream tonight which represented what I want in real life.  It was a place that had zero negative emotion; everyone was happy.  Please donate so that I can live this happy life.  Many people are not lucky to live such a happy, loving life, where everyone is loving and peaceful.  Please help me do that.  I am going to do it.  I am going to create a loving world around me.  I just need money.  I need money for these things in order to create this It's a Wonderful Life-ending new way of living.

-better camera (my camera is not working)
-soap, mop, etc. to clean my place
-money for laundry
-upgrade in storage space on the hosting server so that I can upload these videos so that I can protect against losing my whole channel, if YouTube deletes my channel

If I eat the right foods, I won't be lazy.  I have just been lazy because I have avoided eating high-fat foods, such as avocados, flax seeds, nuts, etc....because of money!  I haven't had the money!  I'm in a trap which keeps me poor, because I don't have money for the right food.  I could buy a bottle of vegetable oil, but that is unhealthy; it immediately injures the lining of the arteries.  Atherosclerosis is preventable and reversible.  Animal products are unhealthy.  

I will get a job if I feel good enough and energetic enough.  When I have tried to get a job when unhealthy, I have had little energy and am stressed out.  I do not have the energy to stand up for long.  This is only due to eating gluten and corn though, I am pretty sure.  I must avoid gluten and corn, because they cause me to feel stressed out and, like I said, not be able to stand up for long periods of time.  I know the formula now for how to be healthy, I just need money for food.  Kim is helping me by bringing food from the Midnight Mission, but that food has gluten and corn.  When I eat gluten, I am impatient and am easily angered.  You can tell in the videos.  If I am talking peacefully, it's usually right before I eat, because I haven't eaten food in awhile and the inflammation from the gluten and corn may have subsided.  But, if I eat a sandwich, or pizza, or anything that has any amount of gluten in it, I feel warm and stressed out.  

I used to work very hard and had a very consistent work ethic, never calling in sick in like 5 years, when my dad and I used to have this hauling business where we would go to people's homes and apartment complexes and remove mattresses and furniture and appliances.  I would not just do the work though.  I would challenge myself by running up the stairs, or running up the incline of the backyard hill, etc.  I used to sweat a lot.  It was like a sporting event.  I think I naturally have more energy than the average man.  I am not a person who just wants to make a median income, like $40,000.  I know I can make millions per year if I have the energy.  I just haven't had the energy because I have eaten foods that are bad for me, or I have not eaten enough nutrients.  That's all it is.  

So I am accumulating the tools I need.  You are seeing the results.  Before, I was uploading videos at the library, and only had 2 hours of time per day on one computer there.  Now, I have 24/7 access to a computer.  I used money to buy this computer that Kim gave me.  Now, I am uploading hours of video every day.  If I had more money, I would upload, live, a feed from a camera on the top of my computer monitor (which I don't have), so you could see my face when I am at my computer, and also I would broadcast a live screen-capture, so you can see exactly what I am doing on my computer, my work ethic, who I am talking to, etc.  How I think of myself is, I am a force for good, everything I do is good, and I do the best I can to live the best life possible.  I just have had limitations on my energy and mood.  I need to consistently have high energy and optimism.  I have started my website like 8 times since 2007, and have quit every time because I was depressed due to the gluten and corn.  I didn't have enough enthusiastic optimism in order to get a job and earn a paycheck.  Now I am, but only if I avoid gluten and corn, and at the same time, I have to eat adequately, and that will require money in order to buy the food, unless I eat oil.  Maybe I'll eat oil, but a carefully-controlled amount.

I just am very motivated now, to deliver good to the world.  I think that is due to unlocking good health for myself from avoiding gluten and corn.  I had never felt loving before.  I have never really felt like seriously taking care of other people.  I have always reacted to the world around me as if it were an enemy, as if I were being attacked.  My body was always attacking gluten, because it was perceiving it as a threat, so that makes sense that I was feel like I was being attacked in general.  So now, I feel I can design what I want in life, and I can get it.  I can take care of people.  I can help people.  I can make everything good around me.  Right now as I type this, I am not feeling that well though.  I feel stressed out because of eating gluten and corn yesterday.  I am not feeling that well right now.

I hope to help people.  What do you need help with?  If you seriously need help, I will help you.  There are many people who are making fun of what I am doing.  They don't understand why I am acting how I am.  I don't understand them.  They get in the way.  What I want to do, is just help people all day long.  I want to be able to provide what people want.  Where are the people who need help losing weight?  Where are the depressed people?  I can help them.  Depression is caused by inflammation to the brain or inadequate nutrition.  That's what happened to me, so I know what it's like to be depressed.  I've been depressed for my whole life probably.

Come on!  I have energy now...I am ready to help people.  Who needs help?  I want to make the world a better place.  I am excited to get off food stamps and the government-subsidized phone service.  I still have subsidized rent.  I paid $78 this month.  The regular rent her is about $730.  Let's become independent and strong, and live the best life possible.  I am very eager to provide value to the world.  Watch how much value I am providing now...the amount is increasing every day.  I am getting better and more efficient every day.

So I hope you donate.  Well, I am going to be on my way now.  I am going to create products and services that people need and want, and I am going to trade those services for money.  Today you will have access to screenshots of my financial situation...I am going to set up GNUcash (an open-source accounting software) and there will be a section of DanCilley.com that will post financials.  I'll show you progress over time so that you can believe in me more.  Do you believe that I will create an amazing life for myself?  I will show you in the coming years.    

DanCilley.com Ultimate List of Good People  (Whom I endorse) and why:


Donald J. Trump

TV/Radio Personalities

Michael Savage
Jesse Ventura


Gary Null, PhD Whole foods Vegan, activist.  Highly disciplined.
Joel Fuhrman, MD Whole foods vegan, author of Eat to Live.  Says food is drugged.
Neal Barnard, MD Wole foods vegan.  Against addictive foods.
Caldwell Esselstyn, MD Surgeon who says cardiovascular disease is preventable and reversible with diet.  
Douglas Lisle, PhD Author of The Pleasure Trap.  Food is sexual.  People eat unhealthy food instead of having sex.
Alan Goldhamer Eats whole foods, vegan diet without any oil, sugar, or even salt.
Michael Greger, MD Creator of nutritionfacts.org, which studies nutritional studies and, overall, says that the healthiest diet is whole foods, vegan, oil-free.
John McDougall, MD  Says you can survive on potatoes.  Also says you can survive on a diet of rice, beans, and a small amount of broccoli.
Michael klaper, MD Surgeon who has seen plaque come out of people's arteries during autopsy.


Vegan Gains
Freelee the Banana Girl
Potato Strong
Paddison Program

Motivational Speakers

Tony Robbins
Les Brown
Bob Proctor

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